Cabinet Colors Choices

Your Renew choices could fill a book.
And in fact, they do: The 20-page Renew “Styles, Woods & Finishes” booklet is the best place to get a look at all the Renew choices open to you: Door styles, wood species, stains and paints, specialty woods and finishes and more. Click here for our “Styles, Woods & Finishes” booklet.

Cabinet Door Selection

The door style is the fundamental building block of your cabinetry creation. Showplace offers a flexible range of styles to express your vision perfectly. Raised-panel styles project elegant, traditional dignity in a variety of frame styles. Flat-panel styles are versatile, and can fit well in everything from contemporary to Mission to rustic settings. Mitered frame styles express sophistication and refinement. Other Showplace door styles offer a higher level of personal expression. Beaded-panel styles create a homey, historic feel. The applied-molding styles bring added depth and dimension to the look of your cabinetry.

All Showplace Renew door styles are offered in multiple woods and finishes, and most offer slab or five-piece drawer header options. For full details on each style, see our “Styles, Woods & Finishes” booklet.