Example Videos

Kitchen Refacing – A warm makeover:

This Renew project retained flooring and counter tops, but added new stainless appliances. No new cabinets were needed to create this much-warmer setting.

A brighter mood:

This Renew project used a painted finish to really change the look and feel of the kitchen. Flooring and appliances were retained, and a new tile backsplash was added.

Comfortable character:

This Renew project switched from dated oak to rustic alder, creating a more comfortable and distinctive character. Flooring and tops were retained.

A dramatic change:

A night-and-day difference! Many new cabinets and accents took full advantage of Renew’s capabilities.

A welcoming tone:

This Renewed kitchen took on a warmer, more welcoming tone with stronger visual contrasts and new accents like the cabinet above the sink.

Historic revival:

This 1902 home had a kitchen that simply did not fit the setting. Renew refacing revived the proper historic charm and warm dignity.