How Cabinet Refacing Works

Cabinet Refacing – Like  New – For Less

So what is cabinet refacing?

Some say it is refinishing, others adding new doors. Showplace Renew is not just refinishing. It is not simply adding a new outer surface. Showplace Renew Refacing includes all of the following features:

  • New Cabinet Doors

  • New Drawer Headers

  • Genuine Hardwood

  • Fine Veneers finished to match

  • Lifetime Warranty

When you reface your kitchen cabinets with Renew, you get rid of the old worn-out cabinet doors. You get to choose from a wide variety of new, stylish hardwood cabinet doors and drawer headers, complete with a lifetime warranty. Unlike some refacing techniques, Renew uses only genuine hardwood, never a prefabricated substitute. Showplace Renew applies fine wood veneers to the face frames of your cabinets, finished to match your new kitchen cabinet doors, making everything external fresh and new in your kitchen cabinet remodel. With Renew, you also have options like replacing your kitchen cabinet end panels with hardwood, updating your appliance panels and many other Showplace kitchen refreshing choices.

It is obvious that Showplace Renew is a cut above other refacing techniques. You may want to add completely new cabinets to your kitchen cabinet remodel project. Maybe you have always dreamed of adding an island or hardwood range hood, extending your kitchen cabinets out to form a peninsula or even taking out a wall and expanding your kitchen space. With new Showplace Renew cabinets you have the freedom of all these options and more!

Renew offers more than surface beauty

Renew gives you the ability to improve the function of you kitchen cabinets. New, top-quality glides add ease to using your kitchen drawers. Renew offers hardwood drawer boxes, roll trays and many other kitchen cabinet interior accessories.

You may be dreaming of continuing your remodel project into other areas of your home. Using Renew Showplace, 3 Day Kitchen and Bath Custom Cabinets and Refacing offers you the ability to refresh your home with something like coordinating a fireplace or adding a surround-sound entertainment center or built-in bookcases. And don’t let the other cabinets in your home be forgotten. Bathroom and laundry room cabinets can be beautifully updated with Renew. The creative possibilities are breathtaking!